Reading response A

Bryce: That is a serious question, though, because I've heard stories of people archiving family photos. I forget the name of this one service, but it was used for archiving huge amounts of photos, and many people would use it for photos of their children. It went down for about a whole year, and people had no idea if they would get their photos back. For a lot of people, that service was their only storage. I’m super unsatisfied with leaving all of my work on Dropbox, so I try to do a combination. I do use Dropbox, but I also back up on a hard drive as well.

Zhiyan: Totally agree. I worry about this problem too. I lost my iphone two years ago, so I lost a lot of precious pictures at that time…I made a terrible mistake. After that, I printed all of my digital files every few month. To be honest, I don’t trust Dropbox and hard drives because they are virtual. Digital things make me panic. I always afraid of changing or loosing even though I live in the information age. In the digital world of today, there are so many different ways that information creeps into our lives. How Dropbox can save datas more than decades even centuries? That could be a problem.